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Current expenditures per pupil increased from $10,675 in 2000–01 to $12,435 in 2008–09, decreased between 2008–09 and 2012–13 to $11,791, and then increased to $12,794 in 2016–17. The EPS formula determines both the state and local share of funding needed for each School Administrative Unit to have Essential Programs and Services. The funding formula is designed to respond to student needs and is based on years of research and information gleaned from high-performing, cost-effective school units. Below are a set of resources to help individuals and state associations advocate for the recommended policies and practices to increase education funding. You are encouraged to consult these resources to help you organize and plan for your professional and/or legislative advocacy activities.

Qualifications, diplomas and titles earned from Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology , from cantonal (state-run) universities, from private universities recognized by state authorities, and from Fachhochschule-institutions are protected. Accreditation is conferred by the Conference of University Rectors of Switzerland and the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education . Under Swiss law, it is a criminal offense, under unfair competition legislation, to profit by any unfounded academic or occupational qualifications. Thus, one can call oneself an LL.M., but one must not use the title when competing for clients.

Without face-to-face meetings, students can lose track of deadlines and motivation. Distance learning is a vital part of long-term education strategies. Virtual trips are an exciting way to engage students, and are interactive tools many instructors rely on to increase engagement.

Though there are lots of learning options online, there are a few types that are well supported by existing systems and established pedagogies. Assess readiness to take DE courses through a survey and have students speak with counselors. Based on this research, there are some obstacles that can be addressed to support the expansion of DE in the three countries that were studied and in other countries. There were some inconsistencies in the students’ responses such as Portuguese students’ interest in enrolling in DE courses not matching their favorable/ very favorable attitude towards DE.

These materials can, and should, be adapted to meet the unique needs of your local communities and states. For information and resources relating to basic advocacy skills, check out NASP's Policy Playbook. School resources that require additional funding and are tied to achievement rates include smaller class sizes, additional supports, early childhood programs, and teacher compensation, according to the Albert Shanker Institute.


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